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The Spirit of Troy

Before December 2nd, 2006 we were constantly barraged with BS about how LA was supposedly a big Trojan football town. Dudes. Like everyone was like so into this Trojan football thing.  And after December 2nd, we heard the weak smack about "well we are going to the Rose Bowl!" Surely the Trojan fans who call themselves college football fans would gobble up their Rose Bowl tickets. Right?

Well Trojan Alum Scott Wolf has this update on Southern Cal's ticket sales for the upcoming Rose ... er ... the Letdown Bowl:

Football School

Does anyone want to go to the Rose Bowl?
The ticket office sent students an email last night saying they would sell tickets this morning that were unclaimed by student lottery winners. About 300 students were lined up by 9 a.m. and all were told they would receive tickets.
Another student said she was trying to sell her tickets but probably would give up because of a lack of interest.


So even the students of So. Cal. are no longer excited about LA's second best college football team.

Whatever. Fight on Dudes:

Wonder if he is going to be at the Rose Bowl to watch the 3-Peat.

Just wait till Peetie jumps off to Arizona and the NCAA (cough*sanctions*cough) comes calling. It will back to the days of averaging 50,000 at the LA coliseum and throwing bottles at their own players.

Gotta love that Trojan spirit.

BTW Michigan has already sold out its allotment of Rose Bowl tickets. Oh and we have heard that UCLA has not only sold out its allotment of bowl game tickets but have requested for more.

No bandwagoning a**hats in our Nation.