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A Juggling Note

Thought we end this week on a lighter note. I am sure every one of you by now knows about our juggler dude. The guy has become a mini celebrity all around the 'tubes. Even Peter (BON) and Orson (EDSBS) pegged him as a key to our win over Southern Cal little more than two weeks ago. He has taken a lot of flack from everyone including from yours truly.

Apparently the game against Southern Cal was his last game as a student at UCLA. He is reportedly a good guy and crazy about UCLA sports.  I don't know guys. Even though I have not been all that crazy about this juggling at our sidelines, the kid kind of grew on me.  You can see here the dude is pretty good:

I like what we have one our side. I will take our wacky juggling dude doing his crazy tricks, Geoff Strand being Geoff Strand, egged on by the crazy Den, and our cheerleaders/dance team over those clowns from South Central with some turd in a metal skirt and "song girls" making idiots out of themselves game after game.

I hope the juggling dude comes back next year as an alum.

What do you all think? Thumbs up or thumps down for our juggler? Fire away folks.

See you tomorrow.