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Ben Ball Open Game Thread

Lot of great Holiday hoops actions around the country on a Tuesday night before X-Mas weekend.

Oakland, yes, that Oakland from Michigan, was giving Marquette a tight game (wonder what Diane (Marquette alum) has to say about that?!). Puke was in a tough game against Kent State at home. Ohio State was locked up in a battle against Iowa State. All of those teams eventually pulled away and won. But, you get the gist. Highly ranked teams not exactly cruising on their home court. Similar to these games around the country, we don't expect a Bruin blow out tonight.

So, here we go with our Number 1 Bruins taking on the last midimajor opponent in our OOC, a squad from Sam Houston State, which happens to be a pretty decent team.

As mentioned in today's round up,  Shipp talked about how he needs to get serious. If he is not, he is going to have some good answers for this guy:

AP Photo/Gus Ruelas

Hope he and his team-mates come out focused and show some improvements in the FT line (and if they stop clanking FTs, improvement will show up in the rebounding margin too).

Anyways, this game is televised. It will be on "Prime" network (which can been seen via Fox's Digital Sports package). The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST.

Those of you who live around LA, hope you are at the game. For the rest who are watching the game on TV, listening via radio, or following the game via the internets (official site or WWL), this is our Ben Ball open thread.

The court is all yours.