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More Reactions to Coach K's Award For Coming in Third ...

A couple of our SBN colleagues also picked up on the news of USA Basketball honoring the Ratface as it's "Coach the Year" for winning the bronze medal in the world championship. Mike from Card Chronicles (Louisville) didn't mince his words:

Yes the same coach who led a team full of NBA superstars that embarrassed the country yet again by not winning gold in a sport it created, the same coach whose players remarked after their semi-final loss to Greece (Later dubbed 'Our Big Fat Greek Embarrassment') that they couldn't figure out how to defend THE PICK AND ROLL, yes this same coach who still somehow managed to "help resurrect respect and pride in the USA Senior Team" is now being honored as USA Basketball's 2006 National Coach of the Year.

This begs the question: Did the coaches of all of the other age levels get caught playing troop leader with their kids?

We're going to lay it out there right now, if we had coached that team we could have at least brought home the bronze. We'll take it a step further, you name us head coach of USA Basketball tomorrow and we guarantee that Kirk Hinrich's ass is leaving Beijing with a medal.

Hit the cell Colangelo.
And there is this from TH over at Carolina March, who took the time to look into who else had won preview COY award from USA basketball:
So USA Basketball has just named it's first Coach of the Year recipient who didn't win a gold medal. And it wasn't for lack of options - three of the five coaches did bring home gold medals this year. (Two of them, Doug Bruno and Lorenzo Romar, were named USA Basketball Co-Developmental Coaches of the Year.) So what happened?

Well, the impression I get is that the Coach of the Year award is for either the men's or women's head coach. Yes, Goestenkors got it last year for a U19 team - she's another Duke coach if you're fishing for a conspiracy - but that's an aberration, helped along by an embarrassing 4-6 performance by the men's squad last year. But combine the three-year drought since the award last went to men's coach with Anne Donovan also coaching the women to an 8-1 record and a bonze medal, and toss in a dash of the Krzyzewski reality-warping field, and voila! The worst coach of the year in USA Basketball history. Wear it with pride.
Gotta love the snark. So reserved yet so lethal. TH (and Mike at CC) has been writing some great stuff. If you are a college hoops junkie I'd highly recommend visiting/reading their blogs on a regular basis.

Going back to the main point, it's nice to know how savvy hoops fans from the around country are tired of the ridiculous hype around the ratface. It'd be nice, though, if one of these days the east coast based sports/media establishment picked up on the overwhelming resentment towards the ridiculous and now comical hype around this man, who, just like Lute, is in the downside of his career. Oh well.