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Generations of Bruins: A Note on BN Poll (plus Open Thread)

I wanted to mention a note about the poll we have been running for last few days. Yes, we are very interested to find out a little about the member of this community. We ran a similar poll last April, and we wanted to see where the numbers are a few months later at the end of the regular football season. We have members from different Bruin generations reading this blog:

Photo via SIonCampus

Yet we'd like to see an increase in the percentage of current students who are reading BN. It'd be awesome if the students who are reading our little online sports bar, and are enjoying the back and forth, not to mention those who are also making wonderful contributions, consider passing the good word on to the rest of your classmates on campus, in the dorms, apartments, houses etc. We want to keep this fun thing going and blow it up even more.

Anyways, thanks again for reading. There are couple of great basketball games on tonight involving Arizona (taking on Memphis) and UDub (taking on LSU). If you are watching these games, consider this an open thread.