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Friday News and Notes

A slow news day leading up to the holidays.

Not much worth mentioning on the football end.  Lonnie White has a typical puff piece, which ignores the match up against Florida State and focuses instead on Justin Medlock and Andrew Baumgartner's return home to the Bay area.

Dohn also has a piece about St. Patrick's recent success coming by him limiting his mistakes, and notes that Bobby Bowden announced yesterday that Drew Weatherford would start at quarterback for Florida State.

On the hoops side of things, BBR has it's Michigan game preview out, which doesn't add much new, but it still worth a read.  The Daily News also has a few notes about Nikola Dragovic's return to the line-up after serving his (unreasonably long) 10-game suspension:

Dragovic eligible:  Nikola Dragovic is eligible to play against Michigan, but there's no guarantee he'll even leave the bench.

Dragovic is a sharpshooter who needs work on defense. He has to practice to convince Howland he deserves playing time.

"That's to be determined," Howland said.

"He's getting closer to an opportunity for some playing time. He's played even with a little bit more tenacity. I'm sure he'll have an opportunity to play.

"It starts by earning that in practice."

That sounds right to me.  I've heard the reports about this kid's shooting, but I'd be surprised if he got too many minutes against Michigan.  I expect that Howland will work him into the rotation, and see how he develops.  Hopefully, the last few weeks of practice have given him a chance to grow some since this summer.

Another player note.  If you were like me, and not a pissing and moaning like Diane Pucin, perhaps the most worrisome thing from the Sam Houston game was watching AA walk to the bench after injuring his hand late in the game.  Fortunately, it appears that he's all right:

Afflalo update: Arron Afflalo injured the middle finger on his left hand early in the second half against Sam Houston State on Tuesday.

He was trying to track down a pass intended for him, but he deflected it and jammed the finger.

He practiced Thursday.

"It has gotten better each day and I'll be fine by game time," Afflalo said.

Good to hear.  There isn't another player, in my opinion, that we could less afford to lose to injury.  Sure, we're light at PG and C, but Afflalo's drive and defensive intensity can't be replaced.  

Anyway, I hope you all are winding down the day, preparing for a wonderful holiday long-weekend.  My best to you and yours.