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Turn San Francisco Blue

Christian Taylor - number 33 - is all fired up. So are thousands of UCLA fans (along with Geoff Strand and the juggler dude (?)) packing the AT&T park in San Francisco tonight:

Now we are not sure whether these Taylor fans are going to be in SF tonight. However, you can bet, wherever they are (if they aren't at the game), they will be among thousands of members of Bruins Nation who live outside California, watching the Bruins from coast-to-coast at house parties, bars, alumni get-togethers. If you are planning to put together something big, or Bruin alums in your area are putting together a big event around this game, share the details with us in this thread. I know of at least 3 alumni get togethers in NYC, DC, and Orange County:

  • Bay Area Bruins are hosting a pre-Emerald Bowl happy hour from 2-4pm today at MoMo's, located across the street from the stadium (HT to bruinhoo).

  • Alums in NYC will be watching at Bar XII on 206 East 34th Street btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenues.

  • Alums in Washington DC will be watching the game at the Ugly Mug - 723 8th St SE (near the Hill). If you are taking the Metro, take the Blue/Orange line to Eastern Market Metro Stop.

  • Orange County, of course, has a huge Bruin contingent. Many of them are in the Bay Area already (including Ed who emailed us the info. on OC get-together). But, for those who couldn't make the trip, there is a Bruin party set up at the Classic Q, 4250 Martingale Way, Newport Beach. Here are the details.
Again, those are the get-togethers I know of. For more on alumni club football watching parties visit this site. If you have info on where the alumni group are watching the games in your town, post the info here. One note to keep in mind - even though these get togethers are hosted by alums - of course, they are open to every member of Bruins Nation.


PS: For those heading out to AT&T park tonight, here is your weather report. Windy, but no rain in the forecast for tonight.