EDSBS Previews the Nut Bowl

EDSBS previews the UCLA-FSU game in that special EDSBS way:

Matchup quality:Gourmet almond quality for half the price, here. We kept waiting for Jarvis Moss and company to incinerate the turnstile tackles of Florida State in the Florida/FSU game. This never happened, but those wanting to see a nearly grown man yanked down by the collar ten times in a night may want to tune in: UCLA's pair of defensive ends, Justin Hickman and Bruce Davis, each have 12.5 sacks. Xavier Weatherford-the two headed tackling dummy under center for Florida State-will get abused to the degree of second-degree felony tonight. Florida State's offensive disorder has killed qb productivity with bad protection and predictable routes all year. If Hickman presents a shadow of the menace he displayed when we saw him at Notre Dame-he vaulted a lineman on one play, a sight lesser quarterbacks than Brady Quinn would have crapped pants at-FSU's woes will continue.

We would type something here about a running game if they had one, but Florida State does not have one and has not for three years. Did we mention they're playing in the Emerald Bowl? UCLA's mini-line is light in the weight department, and could in theory get pushed around. Florida State is incapable of such brawn, though, and their offensive coordinator doesn't like to worry about petty things like blocking and such.

UCLA's completed the handiwork of a coach who doesn't quite have a handle on how to headcoach properlike just yet: an offensive juggernaut in `05 became a defensive team long on pop and shy on points in `06. A middling offensive team at best, they're saddled with another problem in a mild but persistent case of quarterback surplus. Ben Olson is back for the bowl game. Patrick Cowan, his backup, beat USC in a game decided largely by his refusal to make mistakes and his ability to scramble for key third-down yardage. Either one will get serious punishment dealt out to them by Florida State's defense, the lone unit on the team with any semblance of past Seminole glories.

What to watch for: Concussions and punting, most likely. Florida State's offense will hand UCLA ten points easy; combine that with Patrick Cowan's scrambling, tons of dumpoff passes to the versatile Chris Markey at running back, and a game plan designed to eke out yards and dare Florida State to score, and UCLA will nab the Pac-10's first bowl victory. FSU should score a few points off the legendary Jeff Bowden rainbow jump ball pass-so pretty!-but UCLA should be able to thrill to the site of FSU's offense drowning slowly in the second half. No worries on entertainment value, though: they'll be plenty of extremely violent hits between the two superb defenses, which is all one can ask for in a bowl game the day after Christmas. It should be fine viewing, even for those of you not addicted to FSU snuff films like we are.

Did we mention Florida State's playing in the Emerald Bowl?

Here is the whole preview. Somehow they worked in Southpark.

I am still recovering from all the Eggnog I drank. But can't wait for tonight!

Go Bruins!!!

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