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Emerald Bowl Open Game Thread

Sportscenter is on. From the LIVE pre game feed looks like Bruins are in home blues. Awesome. So here we go.

Dorrell pushed the Trojan monkey off his back on December 2nd. Tonight he gets a chance to push off another.

What monkey are we referring to? Well, we are talking about the monkeys by the Bay. Yes Dorrell is 0-3 in the Bay Area as the Bruin head coach. Time for him to end that streak by destroying the Noles by the cold and windy Bay:

Photo from the Daily Breeze

We have been talking about tonight's game for last two weeks. You can just click on the "football" section under BN Sections on the left side of this blog and check out all our previous posts talking about matchups, interesting news stories, and notes related to tonight's game. Again, to sum it all up, this is a must win game for KD (again). If UCLA loses tonight, it will negate all the gains from December 2nd.

So here we go with our Emerald Bowl game open thread. Fire away.