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Bruins go to 12-0 playing 8 on 5

I'm not going to get too much into the refs tonight because quite frankly, Pac 10 refs doing an awful job is nothing new. Suffice it to say that this was one of their poorer and more one sided performances than I can recall in recent memory.

First let's get to Washington State, and ref gripes aside, they put together a great effort in their bid to knock off the Bruins. Anyone who follows Pac 10 basketball knows that WSU is not one of the more talented teams in the league, and they come out playing snoozeball, which is to their credit. That's good coaching, putting your team in the best position to win. It says something that Coach Howland scheduled a couple of OOC teams that play their style just to prepare for the pair of games against WSU. Derrick Low ended up with 14 points, but as the go-to man on the team, that wasn't enough to beat the Bruins, who put the clamps on him in the second half.

Low not high enough. Photo: Matt Sayles, AP

The Bruins put together an inconsistent first half, getting beaten off the dribble on defense early, and slow to their spots offensively, missing open shots. In the second ten minutes, the offense continued to struggle while the defensive intensity began to pick up. The Bruins did a great job in the second half continuing to apply the defensive pressure, and this is something that I predict we will see more of this season. Teams are going to come out fired up to play us, but that enthusiasm will wane in the second half after 20+ minutes of facing the Bruin defensive sets. Predictably, WSU began to wear down, and the Bruins climbed back into the game and took the lead for good.

As I type this, SUC appears to be on its way to beating a still young UW team, which I can't help but think is a good thing for the Bruins. No longer can teams come in through the LA road trip and get up for just one game. Not just that, but UW is our next opponent, and considering that we can do everything SUC does but much better, this is a good sign for this Sunday.

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