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Latest KD Numbers: The Worst Bruin FB Coach Since WW2

Dump Dorrell has the updated numbers. Despite the win over Southern Cal, Dorrell's record is still abominable:

1. 1-3 against Southern Cal.
2. No Pac-10 championships.
3. No BCS bowl games.
4. 1-3 in bowl games (all minor bowl games)[BN]
5. 1-10 on the road against teams with a winning record.
6. Worst starting 3- AND 4- year record of any UCLA football coach since WW2, including Bob Toledo who was fired.
7. Worse winning percentage than Bob Toledo, who was fired.
8. 3-11 against ranked teams.
9. 2-7 against top 10 teams.
10. Only 6 conference wins against teams who finished over .500.
11. 19-14 against Pac-10 teams.
12. 8-17 against teams with a winning record.
13. 10 losses to unranked teams.
14. He has a losing record after October, 6-12.
15. Embarrassing losses to Wyoming, Fresno State, Arizona, Southern Cal, Florida State [Ed.].
16. Revolving door for assistant coaches.
17. 80% of Bruins fans polled on disapprove of the job KD is doing.
Of course, we are now updating number 16 with a fresh end of the season poll. The loss to the washed up Seminoles was embarrassing in our book.

As DD notes today, KD now is officially the worst UCLA head football coach since WW2 in terms of his record in his first four years.

Again, if you have not signed the petition, make sure you sign it and share it with anyone you know who loves Bruin football.

Oh, and keep this kind of good stuff coming. Considering how tragicomic the state of Bruin football is under Dorrell, we are going to need our share of humor to get through what it looks like at least one more year of Karl Dorrell.