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It's 3rd and 4 at the UCLA 18 yard line with 1:15 left in the game. USC is down by 4 points. The drive started on the USC 29.

Booty's pass is deflected by Eric McNeal:


Bruce Davis' glove on McNeal's helmet reads "PROVE THEM WRONG" and "FOR THE FAMILY":


Bruins after the big play:

Even though it is blurry, the following frame gives you an idea of McNeal's leaping ability. Look at that elevation :) He jumped at the 22 yard line. I know this from reviewing frames from other replay angles. USC #2 is in the backfield around the 12 yard line.


I reminded myself how loose the turf was (remember the QBs slipping quite a bit). Reviewing the McNeal catch there's quite a bit of force as he springs almost instantly towards the ball after tipping the ball from a pretty sizable height. Quite a catch indeed.

Here's some info about these screen caps. Source is over the air ATSC (HDTV) in ABC's usual 720p. Over the air is just UHF. The video bit rate is NOT compressed like you will find on high def cable or satellite. The mpeg2 and surround sound stream is written to a MythTV backend with dual ATSC tuner cards. The backend has 600 GB of disk storage and being upgraded to one terabyte. Video can be trans coded to other video formats like DVD-format mpeg2 with some degradation of the high definition. Some frames are blurry because, well, this is sports, and cameras can whip around and zoom frantically to capture those incredible moments... like this one!

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