Ha! DID YOU NOTICE THIS DURING THE GAME? Check out the U$C cheerleader cheering for the Bruins extra point!

Once again proving how few brain cells they have. Haha

I recorded the whole game in hidef over the air so it's in its full resolution directly from the station. I spent the whole night editing clips to make a highlight reel of all the awesome plays. I was pretty disappointed with the highlights on the local news in my area, and I wanted to capture some of the incredible 3rd down conversions that the Bruins man-handled over the sad trojans. I'll work on making some title screens for providing context for each of the highlights (eg. "3rd and 15", "USC's 4th and 1") and then get it uploaded to YouTube. And of course, the Miracle Interception that will be spoken of for the ages.

One of the sweetest wins I've seen since in this rivarly, and I've seen quite a few.

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