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Bruin Fans Eviscerate the "Thinker" (Letters to LAT)

Looks like the conversation in our Bruins Nation is having an effect. There are quite a few letters in the LAT today wrt to Bruin football, and no one will mistake them with words of approval for the thinker of college football. Larry Larson from Torrance writes:

Did you hear the story about the football coach who had the top high school quarterback in the nation on his team, but chose to play a quarterback whose favorite target was the ground?

Needless to say, that football coach and his team got slaughtered by a mediocre Florida State team.

You can find this story in the fiction section of your local bookstore. It is obvious that you wouldn't find it in the nonfiction section because a plot like this would never really happen.
From David Veit at Pomona:
Florida State's spectacular Emerald Bowl fourth quarter masks when UCLA truly lost the game -- with 2:38 to go in the first half and fourth and one on Florida State's two-yard line. That's when the "coach" opted for a gimme field goal instead of inspiring the offense to rise to the challenge.

Why be chicken ... I mean, conservative? The UCLA offense had been running all over the Florida State defense, especially in the last two series. It's a bowl game, a time to cast off caution and display leadership.

So what if they don't make it? You're up by seven. Going for it, at best, yields a touchdown or at least four more tries from the one-yard line; at worst the opponent is pinned back at its own two-yard line with just over two minutes to play in the half.

Instead, the message sent by the "coach" to the offense was: You can't pick up one yard. The message sent to the defense was: You can't keep a 6-6 team from going 98 yards in two minutes.

The seeds of defeat were sown by the lack of courage and leadership of the coach, long before the other team got hot.
From Wayne Cutler in Los Angeles:
I know that this is going to hurt all of us UCLA fans, but the win against USC was a fluke.

The real UCLA team showed up at the Emerald Bowl. A team that can't win on the road, can't win against good coaches and played old-time UCLA defense, which is no defense at all. Dorrell's "new season" ended the way his "old season" did -- with a loss. Still think Dorrell should be retained? I don't!
And also from Los Angeles here is Joel Rapp:
The time has come to retire the word "gutty" when referring to the UCLA Bruins and Coach Karl Dorrell. Henceforth, substitute the word "gutless."
Still while we are exposing KD, it is fun to have the scoreboard on the losers from South Central. It's driving them nuts:
Hey Pete! The 6-6 Florida State Seminoles just dropped 44 points on DeWayne Walker's overpowering defensive juggernaut.

Remember those guys? They held your possible national championship team to nine stinking points a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sure you can now see how horribly your offense was prepared and how poorly it was managed. If the "deer in the headlights" look didn't catch your eye then, go take another look at the game film. I'm more disgusted now than I was then, and I hope your offensive line is too. A good team is next.
Yeah, we will be watching the Rose Bowl too.

Anyways, it looks like the poll on our blog is not exactly an aberration (unlike Dorrell's so called triumph on December 2) when it comes to projecting how the larger UCLA community feels about its mediocre head coach.

And, yes, once again, if you have not signed the petition to Dump Dorrell, make sure you sign it and share it with anyone you know who loves Bruin football.

Looks like the people are catching on to the facts we have been pointing out in the Bruin blogosphere wrt KD and our football program. Let's keep the pressure on through this off season. As you can see it's working.