New Game: Name the Coach That Got Fired! (AKA Does He Remind You of Anyone Else?)

Who Am I?

I won the last 3 games in the season to get into a mediocore bowl game.  In the bowl game, I played a good team and had the lead, but choked it away.

I was subsequently fired less than a week after the bowl game.

My Contract

I signed a 4 year extension less than a year ago.

My Record as Head Coach

I had one 10 win season as the head coach (10-3).  The year before the 10 win season, I was 8-5.  The year after the 10 win season, I was 7-5. Overall, I've got a 53% winning percentage at my school.

My Bowl Record

3-4 (All mediocore bowl games)

My Record Against Rivals

Rival 1: 2-8
Rival 2: 4-6
Rival 3: 1-7
Rival 4: 4-4

What the Polls Show

84% of my Fans Support Firing Me based on a Website Poll

Some of my favorite quotes:

"This is the kind of game that puts a smile on your face. When you're outcoached and outplayed and still win."

"What I really like to say is, fine, if you don't like me that's one thing. But do you love the [Mascot for School]? Are you really a [Mascot for School] fan? Now ask yourself that question...There's a cumulative effect. When you act that way, don't you realize there's prospective student-athletes there that are looking at the school? Is that what they want to get involved in? Is that the kind of support they want?"

"We're 5-3, ... Right now, it doesn't feel, to anybody associated with our organization, like we're 5-3. Probably because of how we self-destructed against [Intra-Conference Opponent] and maybe what could have been today."

"I'm trying to instill confidence in these kids . . . It's like playing golf and your partner says, 'Don't hit it right. Don't hit it left. Don't over-swing. Don't under-swing.' Hey, just hit the ball."

What Alumni and Fans Say About Me

"[He] first took over as the coach of the [School Mascot] when they were the joke of the [School Conference]. I think most people would agree that he did a good job of bringing this program to the middle of the pack. However, once the program became mediocre, we all soon found out that we had hit a peak and would soon be in a downward spiral."

"Ever since that season [School Mascot] fans have come to expect disappointments, 4th quarter collapses, questionable coaching, top [School State] recruits leaving for other programs, and an alarming sense of satisfaction from the University in a program that has been mediocre at its best. Every year the [School Mascot] achieve bowl eligibility by beating up on smaller schools in the non-conference schedule and going .500 or less in the [School Conference]. It has come to a point where a change needs to be made if [School Mascot] fans ever want to have a chance at celebrating greatness from its Football Program. Think about it, if you are a blue chip high school star in [School State] and have a choice between consistent winners like [Intra-conference Rivals], or a program that could only muster a 4th place finish with a team that had actual NFL talent on the roster, who are you going to pick? A coaching change needs to be made to get rid of the stigma that is attached to this current [School Mascot] team. The time is now, lets get a new coach and a fresh start before we kickoff at the new stadium"

So Who Am I?

Glen Mason -- Former HC at the Prestigious Minnesota Gophers Football Program


So What?

I think y'all are smart enough to figure out any parallels/implications on your own. :)

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