CLASSLESS: Whiny Little TrOJan SCums

So the little babies are coming out of woodwork from all across South Central.

People are besides over our angry, meanie Bruin fans taking seven years of frustrations out on Pom Pom's hapless, pathetic, impotent (well at least they couldn't get anything up offensively) thug squad.

I have never seen such biggest bunch of babies crying and whining ... well since the last time TrOJans played at the Rose Bowl.

I wonder if these were the same class TrOJies who were teaching their kids to hate not just UCLA but one of their own:

For those whining about our students I wonder if they were if these were the same class TrOJies who were whooping it up with their students getting their hate on not just this past week but through the whole year:

And for all those whinny a** Trojans crying, b!tching, and moaning ruthless Bruins, were the same class TrOJies who were have been spewing out fUCLAs ever since they discovered the internets.

F8ck all of you Trojie losers.

Just wait till bunch of PO'ed Wolverines and their version of blue and gold will complete the 3-PETE.

And keep playing your washed up stupid Fleetwood Mac song at all of your (minor league) football games and D-11 basketball games.

Just wait till our basketball team comes into your little strip mallish high school and pound your booties all over again.


F*ck Southern Cal.

Go Bruins!!!

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