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The Staredown

Okay we are getting a little greedy here. snipestreet dot com has spoiled us with his money screen caps. of Bruin Legend Eric McNeal's incredible grab.

We think it would be very cook if same can be down on the staredown. You know what I am talking about:

That is unquestionably in my mind one of the more epic moments in this rivalry's history. I will admit - I almost teared up - watching KD hopping up and down with our boys, breathing fire, letting Pom Pom's goonsquad know: NOT IN OUR HOUSE.

I think that was not only one of the seminal moments of Saturday's game, but also this rivalry and will forever destroy the psychological edge Pom Pom has enjoyed during these last four years. That's when it was officially over.

As I said this am Saturday's game should serve as a stepping stone, and now we need a strong followup with a dominating performance in the Emerald Bowl, and win the Pac-10 next season.

But it was the STARE DOWN when Dorrell inspired his players to seize the game.

Here is another video of that moment which electrified every Bruin inside the Rose Bowl and rest of the Bruin Nation watching on TV from coast-to-coast. There is also this pic. posted in BruinZone. If any of you have better videos please post them in this thread, and like I said above if someone can do screencaps, that'd be awesome. I'd love to see the screencaps of those moments and see the emotions in our players, coaches, and Coach Dorrell. That's when everything changed - at least in the scope of this rivalry.