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A Stepping Stone

Still in a total state of euphoria:

HT to the Wizard for that shot of the Daily Breeze and click on the image for their multi media section on Saturday's epic (thanks to bruin95 for sending us the link to the multi media section of the Breeze). The Wiz also has this video of the play:

And our SBN colleague Joel from Rocky Top Talk sent us this animated drive chart of Saturday's game.

UCLA Bruins v. USC Trojans

Click on the graphic and you will get the see the drive chart pop up. Pretty cool stuff. Just beautiful to see how those Trojan drives were stuffed repeatedly by the best defense in the Pac-10.

We will get to what this game means for the program later once we get more clear headed. But I think Dohn has a pretty good primer on our mind-set on the Bruin football program:
Tears ran down the cheeks numerous UCLA players as they hugged and cried, most of them not caring to walk off the Rose Bowl turf following Saturday's 13-9 upset of No. 2 USC.

The Bruins believe they reclaimed city bragging rights by ending a seven-game losing streak against their rivals, and in the process said the biggest step to date was added in what has been a long reclamation process.

To the Bruins, beating USC for the first time since 1998 - and doing it when most of the nation anticipated a Trojans win to set up a BCS title matchup with Ohio State - validated their program.

"Seven years is way too long," UCLA running back Chris Markey said. "I think it's a great stepping stone for the program. Recruiting-wise ... I think everything will be better from now on.

"After seven years, it means everything. It shows how hard we work. We wanted it more than them, I felt, coming into the game. I'm a little stunned because nobody gave us a chance."

UCLA (7-5, 5-4 Pac-10) finished fourth in the Pacific 10 by winning its last three games, all against bowl teams (Oregon State, Arizona State and USC), and can finish the season strongly by defeating Florida State in the Dec. 27 Emerald Bowl in San Francisco.
Bruins now have an opportunity to build on Saturday and start something special. If they build on the incredible momentum and euphoria generated from Saturday and ride that to a blowout win over the Seminoles, it will set them up for making a magical run next season.

For now let's get back to enjoying Saturday and make the lives of every classless, smug Trojan who have been insufferable for last seven long year, a living hell at least for this week.