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You Reap What You Sow

Full credit goes to Erik McDouchebag over at for his whiny little rant about how the Big Bad Bruin fans bruised his ego on Saturday.

I guess congratulations are in order for the Bruin football team as well as their fans. However, before the Bruin backers pack up and head off to San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl, I really hope they swing by my place and pick up their official, "Worst Fans in Organized Sports Award."

Of course lost in the translation here is that for Bruin fans to pick up this mythical award of his is the logical conclusion that it resides somewhere in trOJan land to begin with. And that would surely be par for the course, I mean, as someone who witnessed their indefensible behavior at the Mausoleum last year, they've earned that award and then some, so we're going to let them keep it.

We've seen this before people. After SUC got their asses handed to them in Pauley last year, we got complaints that our fans were less than hospitable. If this seems like a carbon copy of that classic whine just with a lot more bitching and moaning attached to the end of it, well that's probably because it is. Let's just conveniently ignore the fact that they were getting a toned down version of what many of those same fans, myself included, experienced over at their place.

I can see taking this stand if you were a guy who doesn't like the trash talking, and doesn't participate in it. Who attends the games to merely support his own team. But what do you say to a guy who cries about not only getting beaten and taking his lumps after what his own fanbase had been doing for the past 7 years, but then readily admits to this:

Now, I'm a huge supporter of taunting at athletic events. I hate Duke basketball with a passion, but I appreciate every single clever chant the Cameron Crazies come up with. The guy who got to Phil Jackson by reading aloud, during a game, from Jackson's basketball memoir, "Maverick," is one of my personal heroes. I even love the "Hey batter, batter" chant in Little League.

You heard it yourselves. This "humanitarian", and I don't mean that in the Pom Pom way, is a staunch advocate of taunting. And not just adults like Phil Jackson, but taunting Little Leaguers too apparently. 12 year olds. Yes, we should all take a lot of stock in what this asshole defines as being a "classy fan". But wait, the hits just keep on coming:

I don't say any of this to whine or tattle; it just struck me as odd. I mean, really? That's where Bruin fans want to take this rivalry? To a point where it ceases to be about fun and competition? These are the same people who go to a rock show just to punch people in the mosh pit. Would it have been any different if the Trojans had come out on top? I seriously doubt it.

Really? You're NOT whining and tattling? So I guess the 8-9 paragraphs above that were an objective report. Maybe you should look up what "whining" and "tattling" mean in the dictionary. That's as big of a joke as your basketball team. So does anyone out there believe that it would have been different if SUC came out on top on Saturday? Well, no, I actually have to agree with him on that one...except it would have been he and his ilk doing the "F bomb dropping". What proof do I have? How about the past seven years. And since this guy is into trash talking, you can bet that he was one of the assholes participating in it last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. But now the shoe is on the other foot, and he is finding that his own medicine is quite bitter.

It used to be that SUC couldn't beat us on the court, or in the classroom. Now they can't beat us on the field, and so their last resort is sportsmanship. Unfortunately for them, they are the least qualified fans in the country to play the sportsmanship card. And that's not just from us. Ask other Pac 10 fans, ND fans, the fans of anywhere their band of thugging goons travels to, and ask them about the smug arrogance and general asshole behavior of the southern cal faithful. No, Erik, you had this coming to you.

You reap what you sow.
Fuck you, Erik.
Fuck southern cal.