Disgusting Behavior

CBS reports
that a usc fan has lost his eye after a confrontation with UCLA fans.

A cut to an eyeball took more than five hours to repair in surgery at Kaiser Permanente in Harbor City, he said.

His wife also recounted seeing her husband's injuries. "I see my husband come around the front of the car, covered in blood and just adrenaline-pumped, and screaming and saying `They hit me with a bottle, they hit me with a bottle," she said. "The glass that hit his eye went through every layer of eye, severing it all, all the way to the jelly."

There is absolutely no excuse for this to have happened.  The guy claims that there was no instigation on his part, which I am a little doubtful of, but true or not it doesn't really matter.  The fact is that he lost an eye, and there really isn't any other logical explanation other than his story that he was attacked by Bruin fans.  I am ashamed to be associated with such people.  

I know from first hand experience that Trojan fans are not angels themselves (on Saturday, one of the bass drummers had a beer bottle thrown at him while marching into the Rose Bowl, and every year at the Coliseum the drumline/band has had bottles thrown at them), but to know that we do it too, and that it has permanently changed this man's life is horrible.  I seriously hope whoever did this is caught and brought to justice.

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