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Around the CFB Blogosphere

So as we slowly dig ourselves from the euphoria of last Saturday wanted to give you guys a taste of some of the interesting posts around SBN.

JazzyUte over at Block U is keeping his eyes on the coaching carousel of 2006-07. Obviously the big news is Tom O'Brien from BC heading to NC State. If you want to get more on this story make sure to check out Eagle in Atlanta (BC) and State Fans Nation (NCSU).

If you are looking to get into picking contests for all the bowl games then check out Black Shoe Diaries (PSU). And keep an eye on Roll Bama Roll (Alabama). They are going to be previewing all bowl games starting with this preview on the Poinsettia Bowl.

Oh another note for all the Trojans fans looking to find latest BN post to get all worked up over, apparently there is a huge sale going on in some sporting goods store out in Ventura:

Sent to us via email

The luster off your whacked and renegade program is now at least 50 percent off. And I am sure it will only go down once Pom Pom is reunited with the Ball Room dancer after the season is over.

Well at least you have you have a D-1 basketball team to get you through for next few months. Oh wait ... Anyways whine on.