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Records and mile stones ...

It wasn't pretty for some who were watching - but looked beautiful to me.  I was watching the game with a buddy of mine who is huge Big East hoops honk and a Pitt fan. 10 minutes into the game he blurted out - "Man this is unbelievable. Your boys are more lethal than those recent national champions from the Big East and you'll are just getting started." lol Yeah we sure are. Again the game was ugly but I had no problem with enjoying few beers of a nice, comfortable road win over a well coached opponent while getting to watch a ferocious, smothering defense. Oh by the way Bruins may have set a record last night (emphasis mine):

The numbers tell the story. Washington State shot 27.5% from the floor, including 0 for 7 from the three-point line. That broke a streak of 300 games in which the Cougars had scored from behind the arc. It was the fewest points the Cougars had scored at home since losing to Oregon State, 51-30, in the 1946-47 season.

Washington State (10-10, 3-8) scored only 12 points in the first half. Because the Bruins do not keep such records, it is unknown if that is an all-time low for a UCLA opponent. What is known is that the 30 points are the fewest UCLA has given up since beating Oregon, 34-25, in the 1966-67 season.
And A as pointed out we also reached an important milestone in Coach Howland's 3rd year in Westwood:
In remaining atop the Pacific-10, UCLA (20-4, 10-2) reached the 20-win mark quicker than any season since the 1994-95 national championship team. It is the 40th time in school history, and 34th time in 40 years, the Bruins won 20 games.
Oh and look what Dick Bennet - the Couger's HC who has been around the block, had to say about our basketball program:
"They virtually won the game in the first 10 minutes, and there was nothing that we could do to cut into that margin," Cougars coach Dick Bennett said. "They basically took our heart early. ... This was a game we were just dominated by a vastly superior group of players and coach.

"It reminds me of the Michigan State teams I used to play against in the Big Ten, when they had their national champion. Just no let up, and just play with the same level of intensity from start to finish."
Firing out from start to finish. Perhaps this summer Coach Howland ought to put on coaching 101 clinic for Dorrell and his staff on how to get a team fired up and focused and may be even teach them some defense too (so easy). Anyways, for more on last night's game including how DC has hit that proverbial freshman year wall - make sure to read the BBR wrap-up. On to Washington.  It's going to be a tough game but I have a good feeling about this. This time we are going to have Ced calming us down, playing the role of a coach on the court, and a healthy Ryan Hollins who (knocking on wood furiously) has been playing some inspired hoops for last few weeks. Good times. GO BRUINS.