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Onward ...

So we had a tough tough loss on Saturday. We will get over it. We could have won that game if:

*we were more consistent from the FT line or
*AA1 was having an average offensive night or
*Hollins was not committing stupid fouls or
*DC forgot he was a measly freshman at the FT line or
*Jordan wasn't playing on two (not one) gimpy ankles or
*at least 2 of our three pointers from set offense went in

You get the picture. We can kill ourselves doing the usual could've, should've routine. But no need to. Of course there were mistakes. And Howland chastised himself for not saving a TO for the end of the game in going after Hollins for committing a dumb foul:

"I burned a timeout foolishly because Ryan Hollins lost his control and started going after Appleby," Howland said. "That hurt us right there. I was so irate with him, because here's a senior, who's playing his best game ever, and he fouls out in 17 minutes."

But shit happens.  I had this game penned in as a loss in my mid-season predictions/expectations. We still got a split on a very difficult road trip. We just need to come back and work on beating the shit out of USC anf then sweeping the last home-stand giving Ced and Hollins (yes Ryan Hollins too) a warm goodbye on their last home game at Pauley. We will get the momentum right back if we can get up to 23-5.

I think one of the reason why last Saturday's loss must have stung a little bit more because it was clear at least to all of us who follow this basketball team day to day, we are the better team. Washington got lucky against us playing at Pauley and they snuck one out on Saturday. They know it - they were lucky. Plain and simple. And it hurt more having to hear Steve Lavin mouthing on and on with his moronic clich?s and jabbering about how bored he was watching a defense oriented basketball game. The guy is shameless - otherwise he wouldn't be taking cheap shots at Howland for not playing a top-20 team. Lets see have swept the Oregon and Arizona road trips for the first time since 1997. We got a split in Washington, and we can still win the Pac-10 if hold serve at home and perhaps get the split in the Bay Area road trip surprising everyone in the college basketball world who picked us at best to finish 3rd in the PAC? And Lavin has the nerve to question Howland's scheduling and lack of wins over top-20 teams? This is coming from a moron who left this basketball program in ruins with 11 wins in his last season.

Anyways, can't get too worked up over him. We still need to get him his gig at Arizona. For now ... time to get ready for a break of 8 days!! I am not going to comment on officiating. Seitz does more than an adequate job of addressing the issue below.  Lot of stuff to look forward to this week. Keep in mind AA2 had his break out game. Ced/Hollins are going to be fired up over their last game against USC and their home games, while Jordan, AA, and the Prince are going to get their groove back resting up a for a whole week. They can use the break to heal up their battered bodies. Hopefully we come out breathing fire against those assclowns from South Central. GO BRUINS.