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Officiating in the Pac-10 ...

Who is going to hold these pathetic assclowns accountable? This is not from the Daily Bruin or from a local paper in Los Angeles - this is from the student newspaper at the University of Oregon commenting on our past weekend's game:

I have bit my lip long enough. The men's basketball officiating in Pacific-10 Conference sucks.

There is a greater chance of poor officiating in a Pac-10 game than catching an STD while visiting Arizona State University.

I have never been a fan of officials, and I often refer to them as people with single-digit IQs (thanks for the phrase Greg). However, I do believe that officials could not be so bad as to cost any team a victory. Especially since they have two more buddies on the court that can only take so much of a verbal beating from the crowd before giving a make-up call.

I believe that the bottom line is that officials should call a game with the same level of "awareness" on both ends of the floor, from tipoff to the final buzzer. As long as there is consistency, who can really complain about the officiating, right?

So far that hasn't been the case. Officials have often started the game whistling everything but a glare as a foul; however, that quickly changes several minutes into the game.


UCLA and Washington played a great college basketball game Saturday, but for it to truly be fair, the Huskies should not have gotten away with the fouls they committed and the officials should have swallowed their whistles when the Bruins were on defense. UCLA, which definitely hurt itself with key turnovers and mistakes, had to fight through several fouls that would make even Stevie Wonder blink twice.

I have seen both good and bad calls this season, but in an era that favors fairness and equality, maybe the Pac-10 officials should worry about consistency -- the word is in the dictionary under "C" for those officials trying to up their single-digit IQs.
HT to Walton's Gang at BZ. And as he said, its not whining when this observation is coming from a third party. Something is seriously rotten in the Pac-10. If the league officials had any balls (we know they have no clue in terms of vision or how to market the conference) they'd suspend those morons from Saturday from officiating a game for rest of the season. Anyways ... gotta move on. We will hopefully get to play Washington again in the Pac-10 tournament. We can't do anything at this point about the zebras' hackery from Saturday. GO BRUINS.