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Coach Howland on the same page with Bruins Nation

Yesterday morning I wrote in my colorful way that the Pac-10 league officials has no clue in terms of vision or how to market the conference. Well look what Coach Howland said in the afternoon press conference. He agrees with us:

With the Bruins' spot in the NCAA Tournament field secure, Howland took up the cause of the rest of the Pacific-10 Conference, saying the league needed to set higher standards and strive to have at least five teams a year in the NCAAs.

"As a conference, I think we have to be thinking bigger than we do," said Howland, who is in his third year at UCLA. "That's everybody involved in the conference. ... The Pac-10 is an elite conference, and we have to do more to take advantage of that. Our yearly total should average five (in the NCAAs), if we're doing things right as a conference, the way I say things."

Earlier this season, Howland questioned the scheduling practices of several conference schools, pointing out Oregon State played at Tennessee Tech and Stanford play at Montana and UC-Davis. The Pac-10 went 0-3 in those games.

Asked what the right way to do things was, Howland said, "promoting, scheduling, and I think scheduling is a big part of it."
You wonder why we dig this guy so much? Thank God for Howland. GO BRUINS.