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Could Dorrell’s new coaching hire be a child abuser/wife beater?

So the LA Times has a little story on Karl Dorrell's latest hire for his coaching staff - John Wristen:

John Wristen joined the UCLA football coaching staff as tight ends and special teams coach Wednesday, two days after Brian Schneider, who previously held that post, left the team citing personal reasons.

Wristen, 43, has 16 years of college coaching experience, including the last seven as an assistant at Colorado.

"John has a great track record with tight ends and special teams and has great experience with our offense," UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell said

Just exactly what kind of "track record" Coach Wristen brings to Westwood. LA Times forgot to mention this criminal past about the new hire of Karl Dorrell:

Lafayette police arrested Wristen six years ago for domestic violence, and Hagan was arrested for drunken driving in 1997, according to police and sheriff's reports.

Wristen swatted his 4-year-old son's thigh and elbowed the child in the chest area, according to a police report. He then put his wife in a headlock as she tried to leave, according to the report.

Police arrested Wristen on suspicion of four misdemeanor charges: harassment, child abuse, false imprisonment and third-degree assault. In a deal with prosecutors, Wristen pleaded guilty to the assault charges, according to court records. The other charges were dropped.

He was ordered to take parenting classes and receive domestic-violence counseling, the records show.

At least Dohn referenced Wristen's shady past in his report yesterday (although I don't recall Dohn mentioning the little detail about this guy allegedly elbowing his 4 year old).

So let me get this straight - a man who pled guilty to assaulting his wife is now roaming as a football coach in Westwood at UCLA under the eyes of Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Karl Dorrell - individuals who have spewed so much BS in the past about building a clean/classy program in the mold of Stanford.  What we have have instead a program buing in built in the mold of USC, Miami, and Tennessee - programs who have deplorable character/issues off the field. Nice job, Karl Dorrell and Dan Guerrero. Way to make Bruins proud.