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Bruins Third Down Offense/Defense in 05

I serioulsy don't know where Brian over at MGoBlog gets the time to come up with cool stuff like this. He has done a detailed analysis of 3rd conversion rates of both offense and defense of all the NCAA teams. Here are the goods from Dorrell offense and defense. As Brian explanes the thick line in the center is the NCAA average (e.g., approximately 68% of third and ones were converted last year). There is a second line that represents Bruins' third down efficiency. Where there is a gap between the lines that gap is filled in with either red or green depending on whether it is "good" or "bad". Being above the line is good for the offense-- as it converts more often. Being above the line is bad for defenses--its converted upon more often. So here is how the Bruin offense faired in third down conversions. Not so bad - however if the opposing D got us in 3rd and long situation - things didn't look so hot (as we found out against Arizona and USC):

And here is the 3rd down conversion graph on the defensive. Its kind of ugly. Not surprise to us at all - time and time we saw Dorrell/Kerr coached defenders flailing away while the opponents were converting long 3rd down situations at ease:

Again big ups to Brian for doing all of this work. Interesting stuff.