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Dorrell not on the radar of So Cal's top recruits (including Bruin legacy)

UPDATE:As speculated 4 months ago UCLA legend Wendell Tyler's son, running back phenom Marc Tyler has committed to USC. Yeap so much for KD restoring the tradition of UCLA football (more on that later today). Bruin legacies are picking Pom Pom's snake oil over KD's mediocrity. Nice going Dorrell. Just like Lavin. -N

So we have heard a lot of BS from Dorrell supporters about how that magical "10 win season" is gonna pull in some big time elite recruits.  Apparently these guys don't realize high school kids these days actually do pay some attention and can cut through the BS of spin from traditional media like the LA Times. They can sense/feel - there is nothing big-time about what is Dorrell building in Westwood based upon inspiring wins over teams like Northwestern in meaningless non-New Year day bowl games. Yes Dorrell is doing sooo well with blue chip recruits that - get this - UCLA is not even on the radar of one of the most elite RB prospects in Southern California Marc Tyler. And Marc happens to be the son of one of the Bruin Gridiron Greats - Wendell Tyler. WT also won Super Bowl with the Forty Niners:

One of the Bruin Grid Iron Greats - Wendell Tyler

In addition to Tyler - another kid - elite QB prospect from Southern California, Jimmy Clausen is not giving Karl Dorrell any time of his day. But guess who is high on these kids list? Are you really shocked? That's what happens when you get embarrassed, humiliated and gang raped in front every one at home by a score of 66-19.  And no matter how impressive a comeback win you rack up over mediocre teams like Northwestern, that score is not going to be wiped off from the minds of elite Southern California high school players from San Diego to Ventura or from Malibu to San Bernardino.

Karl Dorrell is so impressive that we have to bite our lips and see former Bruin legends doing this:

And now if Marc Tyler ends up in those ugly, hideous ketchup and mustard, I am not going to cry sour grapes and chastise the kid and his father.  Because all it will do is remind of this:

Yes son of another Bruin Hall of Famer playing for the enemy. Sometimes pictures like these tell the whole story.  Luke Walton was an indictment on the kind of program Lavin was running and now Marc Tyler can potentially turn to be another indictment of Karl Dorrell.