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Happy Presidents Day Weekend to Everyone

Happy Presidents Weekened to everyone. Here at BruinsNation we sure appreciate strong, powerful, influential, and competent leaders. Bruin football/basketball programs have done well when great competent, well qualified Presidents were in charge of the nation. Last time we won a Rose Bowl we had this guy, one of the all time greats, leading the Nation:

And the last time we hung a banner in Pauley we had this guy leading the country through a period of peace and prosperity:

That was WJC celebrating UCLA's 75th Birthday inside Pauley Pavillion on May 9, 1994, less than a year before we hung banner no. 11. I was there of course. BTW Bruins were 7-1 against SUC when WJC was in the WH.  Glory Days. We will have them again. GO BRUINS.