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Arizona schools week

I don't think I have written a single post yet on the ASU game.  Have been a little distracted by DG's little drama over student section's F-SC chants, and all the shenanigans surrounding our game against Viagra Lute on Saturday. Unfortunately I am going to be out of town for work related reasons till Saturday. A will be trying to put up his thoughts about the games and of course please keep posting your takes.  We will usual instantly bump the great reads on the home page.

ASU will be a tough game. There head coach Rob Evans is sort of on a fairwell tour as he will most likely get canned at the end of season. So they will probably play lose with nothing to lose. And we cannot afford to overlook them with Arizona looming on Sat. Here are some key factors to look out for from BBR preview of the game:

The Sun Devil's lack of contribution off the bench has been a major concern for ASU all year. Coach Rob Evans said yesterday he plans to give his starters more minutes this week against UCLA.

"We haven't had much production lately out of our bench," he said. "And when we went to our bench we had a drop off."

In the Arizona game, aside from Chad Goldstein, ASU reserves played a total of only six minutes.

The Bruins currently lead the Pac-10 in scoring defense allowing only 59.9 points per game and are second in FG% defense at 41% and 3-point FG% defense at 34%.
By the way lot of you know by now about the internet rumors about Roll breaking a finger. Apparently it was a joke. Note to that poster - NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Thank God the kid is allright. Apparently he sprained a thumb at practice - but should be allright for the game. I am going try very hard to sneak out and watch game tomorrow night at a bar or something. But if you are watching and are a near your lap/desktops afterwards post away. Again we cannot afford to stumble against ASU going into the big game on Saturday. Lets hope our boys led by a rest AA will come out ready to breathe fire on the Devils.  GO BRUINS.