Onepeat Billboard Is Up!!

Congrats to folks at They have done it. If any of you take pics. of this board email them to us or Steve or post them here. FUCK SC. -N

The L.A. billboard is now posted!  It is at the corner of 39th and Figueroa (directly across from the L.A. Coliseum and next to the KFC).  We are dying for a photo of this board!!  ClearChannel is sending us one of course...but it will be about a week from now before we receive it.  PLEASE send any pictures you may take of the board (before the $C whiners attempt to burn it down) to  We will be posting the pictures on the site as soon as we get them.

By the way, this board was considerably cheaper than our original location (since this one is not on the 110).  As a result, we've also rented a mobile billboard truck to circle ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT for a few days starting next Thursday.  Altogether, we spent $9,000 on the project...leaving us with $2,265 for the hurricane relief fund.  Thanks again to all those who donated and/or helped spread the word!

Fighting the Good Fight!!

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