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Ethically challenged USC Trojans

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Sportsline's Doyle calls Floyd out for trying to bring in another flunkie into his ethically challenged USC basketball program:

Look here, Southern California. If you're going to be ethically suspect, go all out. Don't hide behind anonymous sources. If you're going to pursue the most notorious transcript in recent recruiting history, do it with your head held high. Do it and sneer. Don't do it and duck.

USC is ducking from the commitment by Davon Jefferson, whose academic apathy rivals that of Deion Sanders when Sanders was skipping school at Florida State.

Jefferson is one of the most physically gifted players in the national 2006 recruiting class. He's a 6-foot-8 wing who jumps over small buildings -- but never a library -- in a single bound. He could have the same impact on a college team next season that Brandon Rush has had this season at Kansas.

But about Jefferson's academics ...

They're nonexistent. He skipped so much school at Lynwood (Calif.) High that he couldn't get eligible this past season at UNLV. So he went to a prep school, Patterson in Lenoir, N.C., that is becoming known for producing great players with their Division I eligibility intact.

Not Jefferson. He skipped so much school there -- I got that information from a Patterson coach -- that he was booted from the team. Understand, if you're booted from a prep basketball program like Patterson, you're not academically indifferent. You're academically comatose.
Trojans lacking ethics on recruiting trail - bringing in dumbshit athletes posing as college students? We are shocked!