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Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop is an ASS CLOWN

Apparently Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop had this to say about UCLA committ James Keefe being selected as a McDonald's All American:

"However, this [selection of James Keefe to the McDonald's All American team] is probably explained by the fact that Keefe is white (a lot of people in our business have tendency to overrate white big men) and is heading to UCLA (history says if you sign with certain elite schools, it seems to enhance your chances of making the game)." Clark Francis of the Hoop Scoop on 02-23-06
PHS1, one of the more well known knowledgable Bruin basketball posters in the UCLA message boards, sent out a perfect blistering email (posted below)letting Francis have it. PHS1 destroys Francis in this email to the asshole:
If you had seen James Keefe play with his high school team during the regular season - for example, in the two titanic games they played against league rival Mater Dei - instead of solely in spring and summer unorganized and fundamentally unsound basketball, you would realize he deserves to be on the McDonald's All American team. I doubt you have ever seen James Keefe play in a regular high school game for Santa Margarita High School. And, if so, you have no basis to make such an outrageous claim about the basis for his selection for the McDonald's All American game, let alone rank him in any way.

The biggest problem with you national recruiting analysts is that you do not see the prospects in enough organized high school regular season games. To think you can gauge how good these kids are based mostly on shoe camps and AAU basketball is absurd - and please notice that college coaches don't do this. And it is hubris to think that without seeing such prospects in regular high school games you can make claims as to where they rank or whether they deserve to be McDonald's All Americans.

Claiming James Keefe only made the McDonal's All American squad because he is white and signed with UCLA would be outrageous if it wasn't so ridiculous. Have you forgotten that Duke and North Carolina would have loved to sign James Keefe but were quickly jettisoned from the mix because he made such an early commitment? You only make yourself look idiotic with such so-called recruiting analysis. Frankly, you owe the Keefe family and the UCLA basketball program an apology for this racist (and I deplore the loose application of the term and only use it when appropriate, as a last resort) and defamatory statement."
You should send a similar email to this assclown by emailing him at and demand an apology. Of course Dan Guerrero and his PR staff should be all over this but you know you can never really count on them to be aggressive. Francis should never be allowed inside Pauley Pavillion. What a pathetic piece of shit. Again, great work by PHS. We should all do the same.  I am going to send out a similar email right now. Lets blast this motherf*cker. GO BRUINS.