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Bruins in the hunt for a Pac-10 title

Again that classic tale of two halves. Bruins blitz Nike U out of Pauley in the second half. The final score was 70-53. Here is the box score and the AP recap. It was the last home game of Lavin's seniors but it was Howland recruits, who has usual keyed a Bruin win. Luc had a huge game (14 pts. and 10 boards) and AA scored 14 points in the final 11 and 1/2 mins:

Photo: AP via Yahoo

Regular season will come down to this week's tough Bay Area road trip. I think it is going to very tough to pull this out.  But we are going to have a lot of time to chat about the possibilities all this week. If you have thoughts fire away. I gotta run for now. Lots more tomorrow. GO BRUINS.