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Senior Day (Last of Lavin)

It's finally here. Senior Day. We get to see goodbye to Lavin's last remaining recruits in Westwood:

In tribute to the departing seniors, Coach Ben Howland will start all four of them: centers Ryan Hollins and Michael Fey, with Cedric Bozeman on the wing and Janou Rubin in the backcourt, joined by regular starting point guard Jordan Farmar, a sophomore.

"It's the return of the Twin Towers," Howland said of Hollins and Fey.
I am sure Howland is thinking we are all thinking - thank God - we won't have to deal with Fellins any more. The suspense here is going to be how long Howland will keep Fey in there.  Will he wait till the first TV TO to take him out or will he have to burn one to put in Luc and Arron. Oregon as you all know doesn't have much of a basketball team this season. But neither did USC. And we all know what happened. So today's game is shaping up to be one of those classic "trap games":
[N]o. 19 UCLA hosts seventh-place Oregon today at 1 p.m. in an "overlook" game. But Bruins coach Ben Howland said there is no way the Bruins overlook a Ducks team that last swept a Pac-10 road swing late in the 2002 season, doing it in Los Angeles.

"The only ones that would (change) their focus would be people around them, or, dare I say, the media," UCLA coach Ben Howland said. "If we haven't learned that lesson by now, we'll never learn it. There's absolutely no way."

Yet, the Bruins (21-6, 11-4 Pac-10) appear susceptible to doing so.

Asked during a conference call is UCLA learned its lesson about feeling too good about itself during a 10-game stretch in which the Bruins lost six times during the middle of the Pac-10 schedule last season, Howland was quick to answer.

"Did we just lose to 'SC last Sunday?" Howland asked, knowing full well they dropped a three-point decision. "Ok, next question."
For more on Oregon and the scouting report on today's Senior Day game, make sure to check out the BBR Preview.

Lets hope for a great game from Ced. Out of all the Lavin recruited players who got to play under Howland, I think he is the only one who truly gets what Howland has been trying to install in Westwood. Dijon had a great senior season last year. But it has been special to see Ced make his mark as a team players making his contributions to a team which has been contending for the Pac-10 title in Howland's third season. Ced has his career almost ruined by the negligent coaching of Steve Lavin. It is great to see him make the best out of difficult situation and setting himself up for a senior season in which he established himself as one of the key players in a possible Pac-10 championship season. He has been the calming influence in a young team, at times a defensive stopper, and now if he can find a way to perhaps provide some scoring punch down the stretch he will leave as one of the best (at least in my book) Thanks again to Ced Bozeman for being a great Bruin. I will miss him. GO BRUINS.