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The Curious Timing of Tom Cable's Departure to the NFL

According to Karl Dorrell, UCLA OL Coach and OC Tom Cable received a call Wednesday night from the Atlanta Falcons and accepted a position as OL Coach the very next morning. "It all happened so fast," according to Dorrell.

Dorrell said that Cable received a call from the Falcons on Wednesday evening and accepted the position early this morning and then told his position players during workouts. <snip> "The Falcons called last night and it all happened very quickly."

So, was it just a coincidence that the Falcons just happened to call the evening that UCLA's class of 2006 made it official and submitted their National Letters of Intent to play football for UCLA? What about the very good OL class that Cable personally recruited and that committed specifically to play for Cable?

Are we to believe that Cable knew nothing about possibly leaving for the NFL? Well, if you read "elsewhere on the Internets" at what some loyal Dorrellistas are saying, it was just all an unfortunate timing situation that Cable and Dorrell had no control over.

Then there's this from today's Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Cable's deal with the Falcons apparently had been agreed upon for a few days but Cable did not officially accept the job until Thursday -- a day after college football's national signing day. UCLA signed eight offensive linemen Wednesday.

So what's the upshot?

If Cable did not tell his recruits that he was being considered for an NFL position, or as the AJC reports, had actually accepted a position, this situation raises some significant ethical issues. On the other hand, if Cable did in fact tell his recruits that there was a possibility that he could leave for an NFL position, and the kids decided to stay with UCLA anyway, no harm no foul.

But please, Karl Dorrell, don't insult our intelligence by telling us this whole transaction took place within a matter of hours with no prior knowledge of the possibility that Cable may be leaving. That's Pete Carroll shit.