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We are going to need an all out frenzied student section all charged up tomorrow. And it looks like students from the Bruin Den has something special planned, and they are going to need your help:

This Saturday at the Men's Basketball game versus Arizona, Kevin Love and Kyle Singler will be taking unofficial visits to UCLA. Both Love and Singler are among the best basketball prospects in the nation at any position and both have the potential to be among the best players to ever play at UCLA. For more information we recommend and [Note to that 40 year old virgin ("Professor") who posted - hyperlinks]

In addition to being tremendous talents that would help the program immeasurably, there have been several indications that these two friends would like to attend college together making this trip all the more important. In addition to UCLA, both have indicated high interest in Duke and North Carolina. Saturday is our chance to show UCLA as not only a traditional college power but also one that has a supportive and energetic fan base.

The Den plans on leading multiple student efforts to attract Kevin Love and Kyle Singler to UCLA. However, we will also lead two cheers that will include all of Pauley Pavilion. Since these are unofficial visits, we CANNOT receive any assistance from UCLA which makes YOUR support critical.

The first cheer will take place prior to tip-off when the game clock is between 10:00 and 3:00. In the style of the cross-Pauley "Go Bruins" cheer, we will lead a "Love, Singler" cheer. The south end of Pauley will yell "Love" while the north end (student end) will yell "Singler" in response.

The second all-Pauley cheer will take place during halftime when the game clock is around 6:00. Following a student cheer for each of the players, we will lead a "Come-to-our-school" cheer in the style of the "U-C-L-A" cheer where each side gets a letter. The north side will start with "come" followed by the east side yelling "to" and so on.

Den members will help coordinate these cheers and do their best to spread the word. However, this is an ambitious goal and we'll need your help cheering but also encouraging and informing your fellow Bruin fans. Thank you in advance and Go Bruins!
So listen up DG and the alumnis who are too lazy to stand up and cheer for the defense when our kids need a stop - do something. Get up, yell, scream, and get all fired up rooting for a program and a set of coaches and players who are truely worth rooting for. Because after the March Madness (40 days left - not that we are counting or anything) is over you are not going to have much to cheer about (at the Rose Bowl) until the hoops season starts back up next November. GO BRUINS.