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Big ups to the Bruin Den

Bumped. Again if you missed it, here is the video of student section (quicktime file) seranading Love and Singler. -N

Everyone here on the BruinsNation should appreciate and be proud of the full court press our student section rolled out in order to impress Kevin Love and Kyle Singler.  Gotta share some pictures and the stories on yesterday afternoon that are floating around the internets. The Den was on fire the whole game:

And they were showing some mad love for Kevin and Singler. And according to Dohn both of them enjoyed their day at Pauley. Here are some examples courtesy of the report from a poster name KoolMoD over at BRO:

(1) In total I counted at least 4 different cheers/chants that were directed at Love/Singler. All of the cheers/chants included the names of both players, so neither felt left out. Even though I doubted that our old alumni would get off their butts for a "recruitment" cheer, I was amazed at how brilliantly the Cross-Pauley Love/Singler cheers were executed. And yes, both players were there at all times to hear the cheers.

(2) Several frat guys in the Den painted their chests to read L-O-V-E and K-Y-L-E.

(3) At least one sorority (or some random group of pretty girls) made personalized T-Shirts that read "We're all SINGLER, and We Need some LOVE" on the front. Before the game started, this group of girls (about 8 in total) went to talk and flirt with the recruits right before tip-off.

(4) Adding Love's and Singler's name to the pre-game Roll Call was a great idea, and it appeared to be effective as the crowd roared when Love/Singler gave the Den their acknowledgement.

Here is video link (caution takes a while to download) of the Den showing their adulation for Love and Singler.

(5) Other people made custom shirts too, with phrases like "All We Need Is Love & Singler", etc.

(6) It looked like some people were asking for autographs from Love and Singler, already making them feel like superstars in a storied D-I arena.

Great stuff. Apparently Love and Singler were strategically seated right around some scorching hot volleyball chicas. And we are already hearing rumors about how Love and Singler may be committing before the end of the season. Yikes. I think those kids are obiviosly on a serious high from yesterday afternoon's game. So that remains to be seen.  But yesterday should give UCLA a huge edge in recruiting these kids over Carolina and Duke. Good times all around. It's good to be a Bruin hoops fan these days. Thank God for Ben Howland.