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Buidling something special

Love and Singler digging what is going on in Westwood (emphasis mine):

"For a couple of years, UCLA had fallen to the middle of the pack, and were struggling," Singler said. "But with coach Howland, this team is back to the top, and they certainly are building something here."


"This is my second time here, and it's just awesome to be in this environment," Love said. "The fans and the players have really been showing me some love."

More than what they saw on the court, however, is what the recruits can take from watching the cohesiveness of the team.

Howland, afterwards, talked about how he would do 'anything' for Bozeman after what he has done for the team this year. He followed that up by saying how he would hug Afflalo for being his first-ever recruit, and getting this program to where it is.

He is not just saying these things. He does by his actions. He was at Afflalo's high school ceremony for the retirement of his jersey on Friday night, and later that night, he made it to a similar ceremony for senior Ryan Hollins.

Those are the type of relationships few coaches have with their players, and that makes Howland the special type of coach that players want to play for.

"You can just see the class, and dignity about his program," Love said. "I wanted to play for a program that knows how to carry themselves, and treat their players well."

"UCLA certainly does that."
You can read the whole article by going here. Like I have said before Howland is all about class, class, class, unlike some whiny senile coach we know who is headed off to a disgraceful retirement down in Arizona desert.