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Howland v. Lavin

Walton's Gang who does all the sweet writeups on BBR - has this comparison between Howland run practices and uhm the monkeying/horseying around Lavin's "practices":

No comparisons between Lavin and Howland practices, I've been to both.

Lavin's practices lacked discipline and focus. I counted numerous times when kids were talking out loud while Lavin and the coaches was trying to give instruction - and barely any effort to corral them in - certainly a lack of respect from what was being discussed. Sure, Lavin ran the requisite drills but the lack of focus and interest on the part of the players, and the lack of leadership by the coaches was sad.

On the other hand, Howland's practices are crsip and concise, every single moment is spent on drills and teaching. The kids work hard and are respectful of each other and the coaches.

Why do the Bruins play tough and disciplined in games? Simple. They are drilled to be tough and disciplined in practice.

Why did Lavin teams seem to play horridly when they tried to run plays in the half-court, but did better when they abandoned their sets and played helter-skelter ball and relied on their usually superior athleticism? Simple again - it all goes back to their practices.

Howland has been a godsend to the UCLA program. He is the real deal.
WG could have added few more anecdote, i.e. how players would throw metal objects at each other during Lavin's "practices" (what's Rico Hines up to these days?) and how basically Lavin's players ran around the court playing jungle ball during practice sessions. It is incredible that ESPN is employing this monkey as a "basketball analyst." That just goes to show how serious "World Wide" is about their coverage of college basketball. Clowns.