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Bruin game day traditions - the "frisbee cheer"

Last week there was a lot of buzz around the internets about an ESPN GameDay commericial featuring one of our classic pre-game rituals call the "frisbee cheer."  Well one of our readers emailed us a short clip of that video and just tonight bluejoe was kind enough to email us a picture of that specific cheer from the Arizona game. So we will combine the two. Here is the picture courtesy of bluejoe and you can just click on it to see the quicktime version of the GameDay commercial:

Thanks again to BlueJoe et al. for sending these pics. and files. If you have your game day pictures or any tailgaiting pictures of pictures of you watching the game with fellow Bruins at bars across the country feel free to send them to us or post them here. This is your Nation dripping in blue and gold. GO BRUINS.