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Jim Colletto the OL genius

Of course everyone is to busy screaming getting excited during last 24 hours over the hire of supposed OL genius Jim Colletto and promotion of Jim Svoboda to OC. People are particularly fired up over the hiring of Colletto as our new OL coach. At first blush - reading his resume - the hire sounds impressive. But more you get to find out about his experiences as either a head coach or OC or OL coach at places like Baltimore, Notre Dame, and Purdue the more question comes up.  First lets take a look at ND. The guy was an OC under one of the worst head coaches in the history of Notre Dame football, Bob Davies. Here is the scoop from one of the bloggers who follow Notre Dame football closely in Midwest (emphasis mine):

Notre Dame Rushing

I noticed today in the Tribune (link via that the man who I personally (though inconsequentially, I'll admit) hold responsible for the utter collapse of the Notre offense is the Offensive Line coach for the Baltimore Ravens. One, Jim Colletto.

After the resignation of Lou Holtz, Davie hired the supposed 'offensive genius' (it all depends on your allocation of emphasis) Jim Colletto of Purdue (who hadn't won a game against the Irish in 6 years) to be the offensive coordinator. After you've beaten him 6 years in a row, why hire him? He then promptly fired Joe Moore as the offensive line coach, publicly saying he was too old to coach and embroiling the University in a costly and embarrassing lawsuit. That was bad enough.

Compounding the problem was that for the first time in a long time, Notre Dame found itself consistently kicking field goals after having a first down and goal. It was a nightmare. We fire him, we get sued, AND we can't score from the 5 yard line. Notre Dame's offense is still trying to climb out of the triple digit rankings inflicted upon it following Lou's departure.

No, I am not bitter. Not at all.

I wish him all the best - just away from any teams for which I cheer.
Wow. And of course everyone is doing jumping jacks over how he is an NFL head coach and how he had a great season with the Baltimore Ravens. Well he was sooo great that the Ravens fired him and looks like for good reasons. From a blog closely following the Baltimore Ravens (emphasis mine):
After finishing 31st in total offense, the Ravens continue to clean house.

This week, the newest victim was offensive line coach Jim Colletto. Colletto's been the offensive line coach for the past six seasons, but he has failed to get the talented group to play up to their potential. Watching Boller run for his life has become a fixture on Ravens' game days, and Billick has apparently had his fill of it.

My fondest memory of Colletto's influence and control over the line, however, came last season in Baltimore against the Titans in the first round of the playoffs. That was Orlando Brown's two personal fouls, the second of which practically cost the Ravens the upset win.

And Colletto had the gall to be upset over being left out of consideration for the offensive coordinator position.
Wow.  And people are jumping over this NFL retread who by the way as I pointed out in the comment thread did not win a single game against arch rivals (Arizona and Michigan) during his tenure as an OC under John Cooper. And his record at Purdue as a HC was not all that flattering either:
The Boilermakers' best finish under Colletto was the 4-5-2 in 1994.

Purdue's last winning season was 1984, when Colletto was an assistant and the Boilermakers finished 7-5 with a loss to Virginia in the Peach Bowl.

During his five years as head coach at Cal State-Fullerton, he compiled a 17-38-1 record. His best year there was 5-7 in 1978.

Colletto has a losing record against every Big Ten team. Against Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan, he is 0-11. Colletto also is 0-6 against Notre Dame, one of Purdue's biggest rivals.
Yikes. So the main thing this guy excels in - losing in big games. I guess that is a perfect fit for Dorrell's staff. And here are some Bruin fans celebrating the hiring of a career loser as the sings of Dorrell knowing what he is doing in helping to resurrect UCLA football.

For the record - I do think the promotion of Jim Svoboda from QBs coach to OC was a good move. Svoboda has shown us something in his two seasons in Westwood - which resulted in DO's great season this year. He appears hungry and not the from school of same old crap of Donahue football. But right now the Colletto hire is not looking great given all the information is out there. It is signaling a return to same old (no pun intended here) crap. Again not exactly a dynamic move by Karl Dorrell in bringing in this career loser, yet everyone on other message boards are celebrating this as some kind of brilliant CEO move. Anyways ... thank God for Howland. GO BRUINS.