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Finally a national reporter calls out the ratface ...

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Well this was long over due. Greg Doyle slaps K:

Krzyzewski has a passion and a love for college basketball, and for six days and 20 hours each week, he's a wonderful ambassador. But for those other four hours, his four most visible hours -- two for this game, two for that one -- he's awful. He's noxious. He is, in fact, an eroding influence on the sport he helped build.

Yes, I'm saying it: For four hours each week, Mike Krzyzewski is bad for college basketball.
This is an nasty open secret that is known to people like us who treat college basketball as if it were a religion. Duke games are tainted. Its obvious to anyone who watches their game on a regular basis. But its been a while since a national basketball columnist like Doyle has pointed out the obvious - K is not wearing any clothes:
Krzyzewski is the problem, but he's also the fix.

This has to be a collaborative effort, solving the officiating issues that taint Duke games. And Duke games have definitely become tainted. Along with J.J. Redick's jumper, the impact of officiating is a major storyline whenever Duke plays. And that, people, is terrible for the game.

And that, people, is Krzyzewski's fault. Watch him from start to finish. Watch him work the officials. Watch him spew and curse and sneer. It's ugly.


Krzyzewski says things, abominable things, that other coaches can't. Listen to him. Read his lips. Coach K gets away with it because he's Coach K.
Yeap K gets away with it despite being a totall cheap asshole everytime he gets on the court. To cut through all the nonsense propoganda from DSPN et al, make sure you keep checking for updates by going here. GO BRUINS.