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Bruins Dominate Cougars (With a capital "D")

UCLA, relying on their stifling Ben Howland- inspired defense beat WSU tonight 50-30.

With tonight's win, the Bruins hit a huge milestone by reaching the 20-win mark.

We have said it many times here in the BN--Ben Howland cannot be given enough credit for how much he is squeezing out of this team. A few times tonight, up by 20, UCLA was playing D like they were down by 3 with a minute left in the game. These kids have bought into Howland's philosophy 100%. Every single posession is contested. Bruin defenders are in front of ballhandlers, fighting through screens, in passing lanes, and contesting every single freakin' shot. It seems like Ryan Hollins is taking a charge in every game lately.

Jordan Farmar was the player of the game tonight with 20 points. What a relief to see that Jordan's ankle look to be OK.

DSPN recap here

Big game Saturday at UW.

Go Bruins.