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Ced gets it right ...

Ced is on the money re. expectations for UCLA basketball among the faithful in BruinsNation:

"They are hoping for a Final Four spot or a national championship. Winning the conference is just a steppingstone.

"They would never hang a Pac-10 banner [at Pauley Pavilion]. If they did, the arena would be filled. There are places they hang them, but not here."
Yeap, winning the Pac-10 this season (or next year) will be just that - a stepping stone.  Of course we are going to ecstatic about it, but we are not going to run around pretending we just won a NC got to the Final-4. Hanging banner no. 12 is the ultimate goal. Of course we are not expecting a banner every single year - but what we are going to expect starting next year is that Bruins are making legit. runs for the Pac-10 title, Final-4, and the NC almost every year.  We want to be in contention for the ultimate prize every year starting next year, and the banners will come eventually. What we have been doing this year is pretty much gravy to me.  I didn't expect us to be in such serious contention for the Pac-10 title in Jordan and Arron's second year in Westwood. That said, now that we are so close - I want it and want it bad.  It would be great to see Ced leaving Westwood with positive memories of a possible Pac-10 regular season or tourney championship, and may be make a memorable run in the Big Dance. That will set things up very nicely for a big season by UCLA standards in 06-07. GO BRUINS.