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Method Men ...

So last night's game was a methodical destruction of a pathetic opponent.  I think we are going to see lot more of these types of games next season when our boys should be mowing through the conference season. Now this is where the term method-men is so applicable. Howland and his coaching staff are the true method men unlike another coaching staff in Westwood.  Players all in sync on both offense and defense just toying with inferior opponents.  It is awesome to players getting all synced up in the right time of the season.  The big deal from last night's trashing of OSU game was the rest AA, JF and Luc got in the second half. Howland was pleased with the mins. distribution of his three key starters:

"When you're playing three games in a row, if we're fortunate enough to win (today), you want to be able to be fresh," Howland said. "Our defense is really ramping up right now. It's creating things. We're playing good defense."

Afflalo added 16 points, but his 23 minutes were more than 10 below his season average. Farmar had seven points and five assists, and his 22 minutes played were almost nine below his average.

But the biggest benefactor of rest was freshman power forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. He scored four points and grabbed five rebounds, but his 19 minutes were well under his per-game average of 27.9.

Of course, the need for rest wasn't as important to the players, as it was to Howland.
Right now our biggest worry is the injury situation to Ced. Apparently he is day to day and we may not know till this morning or even afternoon whether is going to available against Lute's thugs. Dohn has a report on Ced's injury situation. LA times also has more on Ced:
"I'm thinking realistically," Bozeman said after the game. "But I'm planning on playing. I want to help the team win and I can't do that from the bench."

Bozeman's injury emphasized the high-risk, low-yield nature of this event. The 13th-ranked Bruins (25-6), having already won the conference title, can gain little from winning this tournament other than perhaps a slight improvement in their seeding for next week's NCAA event. But if they were to lose a key player like Bozeman, their seeding might mean little.
I am in the school of thought of not playing Bozeman for rest of the tourney but Coach Howland has other ideas (from the same Times report):
UCLA Coach Ben Howland said he wouldn't even consider resting Bozeman for next week.

"If he's ready, he goes," Howland said. "We want to win this tournament."
Well then. Who am I to argue with that mentality?!

There were some other positives from last night's game. Love the way Hollins asserted himself. Let's hope that is not going to away today and (hopefully) tomorrow - carrying over to next week.  It is good to see us shooting so well from behind the arc. 10-15 is unreal. I am not sure how long we can ride this hot streak. But if we can stay on this kind of rhythm in offense yes an appearance in the Steve-16 may be quiet possible (BTW Plaschke has jumped on the bandwagon). And of course it was great to see Mata's Willis Reedesque entrance into game:
It was also a big game for another UCLA center, Lorenzo Mata, whose most important accomplishment was just getting into the game after sitting out for nearly two months because of a broken leg.

Mata's appearance was such a late decision that his uniform had not even been brought to Staples Center. A team manager had to go back to Westwood to get it.

When Mata entered the game late in the second half, he received a standing ovation.

"I thought I was at a Laker game," he said of the cheers.
Gotta think that has to fire up the entire team. I don't know about you ... it is going to be hard to think about anything but UCLA hoops. Here is the preview via BBR of tonight's matchup against Arizona starting around 6:15 PST. Good luck getting anything done at work till tip off at 6 pm.