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A former Bruin gives his perspective on his alma mater (Belmont)

Just flagged this post. A must read for all (UCLA) Bruins fans who should be focused on Belmont. Here is the inside scoop from a former Belmont hoopster on his alma mater:

1. they are very well coached. coach byrd has been at belmont 20 years and he has a great ability to get the most out of his talent. they play hard and are disciplined, even though sometimes it doesn't look like it. they run a lot of back cuts and shoot a lot of threes. they like to get up and down the court, although coach may try to limit the total number of possesions in a game like this.

2. they can shoot. belmont has three guys that have each hit 6 or more threes in a game. they've got a couple of more that could get hot at any time. now none of these guys are incredibly athletic and pressure man-to-man can be effective, but if they get hot at the same time they can be very dangerous. the one to focus on is josh goodwin (#4), he is lights out if you leave him open. dropped 39, including 11 3's against etsu earlier this year.

3. 6'5" athletic point guard. strangely he is not one of the great shooters on the team. most games he doesn't even attempt a shot beyond 15 feet or so. he is long and can get to the rack as well as defend bigger guards. great rebounder for a point guard as well. he's a senior and has been a great leader down the stretch, but still tends to make some bad decisions.

4. the "hare" factor. justin hare is a 6'3" sg for the bruins. he looks like he's from the backwoods, probably because he is, but for whatever reason he has shown an uncanny ability to rise above pressure. he is a good shooter but very streaky. he excels at getting to the basket and is a great finisher for his size. amazingly, he got a lot of interest (and some say an offer) from stanford, so you know he has some ability. on days where he is on, belmont can prove to be a tough out, on days where he can't find his scoring touch, belmont tends to fade.

5. believe it or not, belmont has some size. boomer herdon (his real name) is 6'11" and every bit of 260. belmont has another 6'11" post, but he's every bit of 195 and can be man handled inside. dan oliver is only 6'6", but he is very strong and plays solid post defense. get these guys in foul trouble and bu is sunk.

final analysis: if the bruin-bruin match-up were played 15 times, belmont would sneak an upset once or twice. traveling all the way across the country to play ucla in their first ever tourney appearence doesn't point to this being one of the time belmont pulls that upset. if bu has a couple of guys shooting well and boomer stays out of foul trouble, we should be able to stay in the game for a while. otherwise it could be a long day for the mighty, might bruins. final score: ucla 81-64.
Let's hope he is right. GO (UCLA) Bruins.