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The ratface's (rotten) coaching tree

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Again here is one more issue high profile Bruin recruits Kevin Love and Kyle Singler ought to think about when they are considering the prospects of playing for the overhyped ratface from the Tarheel state:

Tommy Amaker's Michigan bunch embarrassed itself and -- by association -- the Duke franchise Friday, losing to Minnesota in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament. This was only the latest disgrace to the Coach K -- um, er -- coaching tree. [Ed.- for more on the Amaker situation read this post from Schembechler Hall]

We trot out that bromide with caution because to credit Coach K with a "tree" at this point would be complimenting shrubs everywhere. We'll give it to you straight from the site of the latest fiasco: If Krzyzewski calls recommending one of his guys right now, make that scratchy noise with your voice and pretend like you've been disconnected.

To summarize: Quin Snyder ran Missouri into the ground before resigning under pressure earlier this year. It's going on three years since Mike Brey had a tournament appearance at Notre Dame. David Henderson is feeling the heat at Delaware after a 9-21 season. It's been four years since Bob Bender was fired at Washington where he was 26 games under .500.

Just the other day Fairfield's Tim O'Toole (Duke assistant, 1995-97) was fired with a 112-120 mark in eight seasons.
Of course Kyle/Kevin ought to note Howland's only assistant so far to get a headcoaching gig is Jamie Dixon, who is being wooed heavily by ASU, and currently has his Pitt. squad ready as the no. 5 seeded team out West.

So Howland v. Ratface. We will gladly take Howland. Let's hope Kyle and Kevin do the same. GO (UCLA) Bruins.