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Zags have a little more than "the Ammo"

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Of course almost any casual fans of college basketball know about Adam Morrison . However, as a Zag fan notes there is lot more to the Dogs than the "Ammo." Their frontline of Morrison, Batista (19.3 pts/9.5 rebs.) and Mallon are going to post a huge threat our frontline. And they have some terrific role players. Here is the 411 on Zags 9-10 deep roster which features a great bench:

Cespedes is another point guard. He is a good, but reluctant shooter. Good defender and lightning quick. Another reason not to press GU.

Mallon is steady and dependable. At 6' 9 he does all the grunt work inside. Gives a solid 6 pts and 6 rebounds. Doesn't play above the rim, but is the work horse of the down low players.

The GU bench is what actually makes GU really solid.

Knight (6' 7") was the WCC Defensive Player of the Year in 2005. Was out much of the season with a bad knee, then got a staff infection. He's healthy now and is a jump out of gym performer. He brings high energy and when the Zags want to get defensive, they bring him in with Pargo and Pendergraft. Makes most of his points off offensive put backs.

Heytvelt (6' 11") is a redshirt freshman who was out until the last 9 games with a broken ankle suffered in the UConn game. He's a leaper and has a tremendous upside. He spells Mallon/Batista and gives them a solid 10 minutes. He is the future of GU basketball. He is the player that UW coach Cameron Dollar got suspended for over recruiting violations.

Pargo (6' 2") is GU's best recruit ever, so far (See Robert Sacre in 2008) . He comes in for defense and gives GU a third point guard. Plays like a freshman at times, but steps up big in the big games.

Pendergraft (6' 6") is Mr. Hustle. Always has a knack for getting that critical offensive rebound or loose ball. Plays on the 'defensive' team with Knight and Pargo. GU doesn't get credit for good defense, but this team can get it done.

Gurganious (6' 5") is a former California bay area scorer and plays limited minutes now due to Knights return. He is another defensive stopper, but his role will change next year when GU needs to find points lost by Morrison/Batista leaving.

So, GU goes ten deep. They can play big or small. They can go offensive minded or defensive. Their weakness is covering the three. Their strength is the Morrison/Batista combo (high/low) and free throw shooting where they lead the nation in shooting percentage. If you're down at the end of the game and must foul to catch up. Game over. Which is also why GU wins the close games.
For more on the Zags here is the Sportsline Team Page. Also everyone is talking about a how in the world UCLA is going to handle Zags 2-3 zone defense. Here is a great take on how Bruins can attack that zone defense. Note everyone is talking about how they don't shy away from playing tough OOC games. Here is a good post that takes a closer look into Zags OOC schedule. Of course the whole season lot of "pundits" like Lavin have been knocking Howland's scheduling. However, given how the Pac-10 has faired during first four days of the tourney - it is pretty apparent our Bruins schedule is nothing to snicker about. But you knew that. GO BRUINS.