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Burlison feels like it's 1995 ...

Burlinson compares AA's heroics against Alamaba to Edney's 4.8 seconds against Missouri:

It didn't have the heart-stopping excitement of Tyus Edney's winning shot at the buzzer against Missouri 11 years ago in Boise.

But Arron Afflalo's defense against Alabama's Ronald Steele as the sophomore point guard launched a 3-pointer in the closing seconds in Cox Arena in San Diego Saturday had the same effect on the UCLA basketball team as Edney's did in 1995.

It moved the Bruins along to the Sweet 16. And, like Poly High graduate Edney's shot did, the defensive effort of Afflalo (the Centennial graduate) helped his team earn air fare to Oakland, where the Bruins will hook up with Gonzaga Thursday night.

Afflalo kept the Crimson Tide's standout from penetrating on him, then his hard but on-balance closeout put as much pressure on possible on Steele, who shot was just inches short of swishing.

Afflalo, and senior Cedric Bozeman who probably made more key plays in the second half than any other Bruin will have the biggest defensive challenges of their career Thursday evening.

They'll probably split time on the Bulldogs' Adam Morrison, as you'll undoubtedly read and hear hundreds of times between now and the time it actually happens.
He has more reflections on the tourney so far in his column in the LB Press Telegram. You all should read it. He is one of the best around. GO BRUINS.